Repossession & Recovery Services

If your financial institution needs a repossessor anywhere in the country, this is the perfect service for you. With Certified Agents Specialist Association you can find licensed and certified repossession and recovery specialists in one easy place. All of our companies are bonded, experienced and professional.

Membership is Simple:

Lenders: We are the only repossession association offering membership to financial institutions across the country. We offer the industry-leading client protection bond. As a LENDER MEMBER, you have the ability to serve on the board of directors. As part of your membership, your institution receives the most up-to-date training available in the repossession industry. Your company will also have a voice in the selection of training materials and topics.

Repossession Companies: Your membership includes the best bond PERIOD. We also offer up-to-date and complete training. Dues are very affordable.

Now you can find licensed and affordable repossession and recovery services anywhere in the US.


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